RCS members area

This area is only for members of Radlett Choral Society.

To register, or to access this area, please follow the link below:-

access to members area

How to change your password

When you register you are emailed a password.  To change this password please follow these instructions:-

1.  log into your RCS member account
2.  locate the black toolbar at the top of your browser window
3.  at the right hand side of the toolbar is the message “Howdy your user name
4.  point at this with your mouse to open the drop down menu
5.  highlight and click on the second option edit my profile
6.  this will open your profile page where, towards the bottom you can type and confirm your new password
7.  click on the update profile button
8.  to return to the RCS website click on the left hand side of the toolbar at the top of your browser window

If you have any problems with this please email: webmaster@radlettchoral.orgl